8th Edition of Arizona Wildlife Trophies


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This edition includes:

All Arizona entries from the archives of the Boone and Crockett Club The most complete listing of Arizona trophies with 3,264 entries Color maps of plant communities superimposed with hunting units Detailed hunt unit maps

Five-year calendar with moon phases and a sunrise/sunset table Governmental entity mailing addresses, phone numbers and emails A selection of Photographs including several new world records Official Scoring Charts with instructions and official measurers

Each Edition includes a Wide Range of Informative Articles and Factsheets:

– Tribute to Doug Baker -Details the life and accomplishments of one of the founders of the State Trophy Program.

– Arizona Trophy Production 1990 – 2004 – Provides the rates of trophy production for each species by hunt unit.

– In Memorium – Tells the story of those individuals who died while working in wildlife conservation.

– Allen’s Rule and Trophy Pronghorn – Explores the environmental factors affecting antelope horn growth.

– Arizona Firearms Trophy Hunting Techniques – Successful strategies for most of Arizona’s biggame species

– In Passing – Documents the life and times of eight influential people in Arizona wildlife conservation.

– Antler Size and Precipitation – Explores the affects of drought on the development of antlers. – Genetic Factors Related to the Production of Trophy Antlers – An introspective and thought

provoking look at the relationship we form with the trophies we take.
– Relationships – Looks at the genetic factors on individuals and populations for both deer and

elk antler growth


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