6th Edition of Arizona Wildlife Trophies




This Silver Anniversary Edition

  • ∙  Contains 12 articles, with numerous photographs, written from the 1930’s to the present, by nationally known writers such as Jack O-Connor and Tom McIntyre, as well as better known Arizona writers like David E. Brown and Mike Cupell. These articles are diverse, from historic to current hunting accounts and philosophical essays, but all pertain to Arizona big-game hunting.
  • ∙  Lists over 2,600 individual specimens of Arizona big game, of 14 categories, using the Boone and Crockett Scoring System, with detailed measurements, name of hunter and owner, date and location where taken, and rank.
  • ∙  Contains over 50 photographs of the top-ranking trophies.
  • ∙  Includes a color portfolio of Arizona big game species in their natural habitat.
  • ∙  Reproduces each of the Official Scoring Charts, with measuring instructions and Rules of Fair Chase.
  • ∙  Describes Arizona’s Special and Annual Awards Programs for hunters with photographs and Application rules.
  • ∙  Lists all Official Measurers in Arizona.


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